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• Dentellect 10i is now certified to be a Complete Ambulatory EHR (2014 Edition) as of September 24, 2015. It has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Dentellect's DTutor is a comprehensive and highly effective dental patient education software that increases the dentist's case acceptance. It frees up the dentist from spending significant time in patient education and focusing on value-added activities. Patient's are provided an effective education tool that performs the dual tasks of informing the patients and convincing them about the benefits of certain procedures that the dentist recommends. Patients are also educated on the pre-treatment and post-treatment considerations. Various options to a particular form of treatment are also discussed. The dentist can select an assortment of videos and documents/presentations from an extensive menu of more than 250 videos to be displayed to a particular patient based on his or her treatment plan. The patient may then view the selected videos in the sequence selected by the dentist, without interruption. The content is approved by dentists and is an accurate representation of dental facts. The dentist has the ability to add videos, images and documentst to the database for future presentation to patients and staff.

Video topics include:

1. Endodontics

2. Periodontics

3. Restorative

4. Pediatrics

5. Orthodontics

6. Oral Surgery

7. Prosthodontics

8. Tramatic Injuries

9. CAD CAM Dentistry


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